Code of Ethics for the American Harlequin Miniature Pinscher Club

All AHMPC members are required to read and abide by its Constitution and By-laws. Also, members shall agree to its Code of Ethics herein which may apply to each member’s particular circumstances, either as an owner or as a breeder, and to support the Harlequin Miniature Pinscher Club in the improvement and advancement of the Harlequin Miniature Pinscher Breed.

  • Consider the welfare of my Harlequin Miniature Pinscher above personal gain or profit.
  • Promote and practice responsible canine ownership and proper canine husbandry.
  • Provide proper care and humane treatment including adequate and nutritious diet, clean water, adequate exercise, clean comfortable living conditions, regular veterinary care, kind and responsive human companionship and training for appropriate behavior for all of the animals in my care.
  • Support, promote and encourage in a cooperative effort to establish the Harlequin Miniature Pinscher as a accepted
  • Be honest in my representations of the Harlequin Miniature Pinscher breed, including issues of appearance, temperament and health.